3 Free Video Editing Tools Every Broke Filmmaker Needs To Know About

These days, it’s not enough to be great behind the camera – you’ve got to know how to work your way around post-production too.

But what if you don’t (yet) have the budget for the fanciest editing apps out there?

Well, that was me when I got started too. Most of the editing software I wanted to use was a bit out of reach. So I had to get by with no-cost options. If you find yourself in the same situation, here are 3 tools that will get you by until your funds increase:

1. Filmora

Filmora is one of the best free video editing software tools that enable users to download the edited video with the watermark. Available for Mac, Windows and Android devices, this tool also supports amazing features like noise removing, 4K editing, camera shake effects and a lot more. If you want to remove the watermark, then you can buy a lifetime license for just $59.99.

2. VSDC Free Video Editor

This window-based free software tool can’t be used on Mac or Android. It offers a free download with no watermark, no advertisement and no trial period. However, if you want more advanced and improved features, you can pay $19.99 for its pro version. If you are looking for features like audio and visual effects editing, different filters, and classical blur features, then VSDC Free Video Editor has got you covered.

3. iMovie

This is another free editing tool that offers amazing features like spilled screen picture-in-picture effects, built-in music features and voiceovers. Even if you are seeking software that offers video filters to beautify videos, then this is the right software for you. Available for macOS and iOS, the iMovie editing tool is completely free.

Don’t Let Budget Keep You From Being an Editing Pro

The internet is flooded with many amazing editing tools; some free, some paid. But the three tools mentioned here.

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