5 Technical & Industrial Skills You Should Never Attempt to Do Yourself

Honestly, there are some technical skills you should never attempt to do all by yourself. This is because they are quite dangerous or cannot be properly accomplished/executed by just one individual. Some people love to try on some limited skills to prove their professionalism, while it works out in most cases, on the other hand, it could lead to impulsive or negative outcomes. Like the wise saying goes – “to before warn is to before harm”.

These industrial skills you shouldn’t try apples to all form of industries, companies, and even entrepreneurs. Yeah, there are some approaches you’ll make as an entrepreneur and the outcome may be very bad, really bad. Imagine trying to fix a “common” electrical issue in your home and then you end up damaging the whole power control box? Now, that’s more costs you just incurred upon yourself instead of the teensy-weensy fee you would have given an electrician to fix the “common” issue.

Well, I will be discussing some technical and industrial skills you should not try by yourself even though they appear ordinary or very simple (easy). One of the “not funny” outcomes of trying out these skills is that you may later pay more to fix the damage(s) caused by you. Even so, in some cases, the outcome is very stern that the affected machine, gadget, tool, system, or whatever will need a total replacement because it can’t be repaired anymore.

So, why try out things that will cost you more expense when you’re done trying? There are impossible companies, agencies, and even private/individual specialists that could help you with any technical or industrial issue. Even so, because of the high competition in the various businesses sectors and industries, you’ll get professionals to deal with your technical challenge at cheaper rates. When engaging a specialist, you get exactly what you want and in a courteous manner.

5 Technical Skills and Industrial Skills You Should Never Attempt to Do Yourself

Below are some technical skills people see as ordinary (standard) which are not advisable to practice if you’re not knowledgeable about them. Well, they don’t appear to be too technical anyway, but, if not done correctly due to inexperience, the outcome is usually outrageous, appalling, or severe damage.

1. Fixing The Home Power System or “Minor” Electrical Issues

That indecisive moment when your home is out of power supply, and so, the other neighbors are enjoying power supply. You tend to go to and check out what exactly caused the power outage in our home, this is the most common technical issue people attempt to fix by themselves most often. Well, it works out fine in most cases, however, in major cases, it turns out to be a big issue.

Yeah, it is really frustrating waiting for the electrician to fix up the power issue and it appears he’s taking so much time. Nevertheless, it is advisable to wait for the electrician to come; this is so that he’d troubleshoot and discover the specific cause of the power outage and the exact spot that needs to be worked on. It is not always the point an ordinary person sees as the cause of the outage is actually the cause.

You can call on the power supply agency/company to send in a professional to get things working as supposed instead of trying it out yourself. There have been cases of people getting themselves electrocuted, even severely injured because they try to fix some power/electrical issues by themselves. Even so, there have been some reported cases of death due to this action. Guess you wouldn’t want to lose your good health, stature, or even your life due to some “minor” electrical/power issues.

However, asides the power supply agency, other erudite professionals are well able to handle all electrical/power issues. No matter how common it may seem, always endeavor to engage the services of a professional as regards to your home or office power/electrical issues.

2. Bathtub Refinishing And Resurfacing

Uummmm, yeah, it is obvious that nothing lasts forever. It is almost impossible to find a gadget, tool, furniture, accessories, etc. that would last forever irrespective of how they are being maintained or where they are kept/ being used.

Bathtub refinishing or reglazing is something homeowners, hotels, and the likes do once in a while (not so often at least). Don’t be confused pally, whether you call it bathtub refinishing or bathtub resurfacing, you’re still referring to one thing. This refers to the repainting or re-beautifying a bathing tub due to some certain issues such as worn out surface coating. Also, just as you would guess from the name, bathtub refinishing is the process of reinstating the surface of an old bathtub in order to bring back its initial/original beauty. However, bathtub refinishing is a generic term.

While this may appear as a simple act, there are quite a lot of dangers attached to this process. Ever noticed that bathtub refinishes put on an overall dress and equally cover their hands and face (especially the nose)? This is because of the hazardous chemicals which go out during the process of refinishing a bathtub. First of all, the old coating of the target bathtub has to be scraped away, then, the new finish is being applied which will turn the erstwhile “ugly looking” bathtub to a new one likely. After refinishing a bathtub, no one would believe it is not a new one. Nevertheless, when an inexperienced person does this, the outcome is not typically attractive. Also, if you attempt to refinish a bathtub when you’re not a professional, you may be several tortured by the harmful chemicals used for this act.

Now, as this project requires specialized knowledge on how to avoid damaging the inner layers of a bathtub and also requires extensive experience in handling potentially harmful chemicals, it should really be done by a professional.

3. Don’t Skip The Manuals

A bunch of people working in various companies under different industries does not succumb to go through the manuals of some heavy machines before trying to operate them. Well, I guess that over 80% (on a rough estimate) of workers do not go through the manuals attached to a machine, tool, or product before operating on them. Yes, you may have used a similar machine or tool like this new one, however, since it is not from the same company or not the same model as the previous, there might be some few things you need to know before handling the new stuff.
Because some people do not regard the manuals attached to the machines and tools they work with, there have been many reported cases of severe industrial incidents as a result of ill-handling of heavy tools or machines in a firm.

4. Don’t Do It Alone

It looks like you can actually achieve a perfect result even when no one else helps out? No! Don’t do it alone. In some firms or industries, there are tasks which are not meant for just one person to handle irrespective of how simple it may look. It varies depending on the industry or company. For example, in construction sites, of course, everyone needs to be careful and vigilant; otherwise, you earn yourself some few or several days of pains lying on a hospital bed.

Since teamwork is the key to achieving the best results, why do it alone? Let’s guess, it’s because of the pay. Okay, consider earning the pay and still it all, even more, to treat yourself due to overstress or a sustained injury. For every industrial task that requires more than one person, do not tend to do it alone, the outcome is not always commendable.

5. Flying A Drone When You’ve Got No Training or Experience

So you love to fly drones and practice strikes? Thanks to the various governments of various countries who have placed strict rules for flying drones. Yeah, everyone’s knows there are many uses of drones including using them to get excellent image shots while touring a city or a new environment.

However, there are some dangers in flying drones. It has been proven that drones can cause high damage to airplanes when they collide. Therefore, in most developed cities and countries, before you could fly a drone, you must be a registered member of a crafted drone flyers organization.

It is very bad to hand over a drone (even a small one) to an inexperienced person to fly; only trained/professional pilots are legally allowed to fly drones in America. When you do not know how to handle drones, and then you pick a unit up to fly you’ll injure a lot of people. A lot of drones have reportedly crashed near America’s white house. Hence, the FAA has set up rigid to regulate how pilots fly drones in the USA.


These are few industrial and technical skills you should never attempt to do as it will lead to various mishaps.

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