My Totally Biased List of the Top Ten 3D Animation Films To Date

Who doesn’t love a fun movie night? I don’t know about you, but swinging over to the theatre with friends for a movie night is my favorite things to do.

And if you’re someone like me who loves the quirky animated genre, then you’ll totally understand that nothing else fits the word ‘entertainment’ like 3D animated films. So here is my completely biased list of top ten 3D animation films through 2019. These movies are a must watch and trust me you’ll thank me later. (Pssst…fair warning, a lot of Disney films about to be dropped.)


1.The Lion King

This is the first animated movie I ever watched and has remained my all time favorite, even after all these years. Its 3D version was released in the year 2011 and it was everything I hoped it would be. The original movie has everything from family drama to emotions and funny scenes, so the 3D version just made all of this come to life. The movie has a great story line, inspired by William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Rafiki, the baboon is my favorite character. The job of vocal cast James Earl Jones, Whoopi Goldberg, and Jeremy Irons is also much appreciated. I would say it is the best-animated movie I ever watched.


  1. Frozen

In general, this is just a great execution of digital animation, but like many people, it was the story and plot that hooked me. This amazing story revolves around a ‘snow queen’ Princess Elsa who keeps the power to create snow. She has got that amazing power through which everything she comes in contact with turns into ice. The story is full of excitement and a bit of sadness when a deadly mishap makes her feel that she is born with this curse. She was heartbroken and ashamed. The story has lots of ups and downs. If you want to dive into the world of excitement and mystery, do watch this movie. And, of course, you can’t really go wrong when Kristen Bell and Josh Gad are doing voiceover.



This was a total surprise. When it first came out, I think a lot of movie goers were wondering what the heck to expect out of this unconventional Disney movie – it definitely wasn’t the stuff princesses are made of. But this American 3D computer-animated film turned out to be the perfect blend of comedy, animation, family, and adventure. Ralph being overshadowed by the good guy star – Fix-It Felix was tired of his villain role. So, he decided not to be a bad guy anymore. The movie is funny, sassy and sweet. It is a perfect treat for kids and parents. With a blend of retro eyes for adults and an approachable, thrilling storyline for kids, this film casts a beguiling and a wide net. 
The animation is so easy to fall in love with, probably because it incorporates so many old school video game references from the ‘80s that a lot us viewers weren’t even alive to see when they first came out. If you’re a gamer, this is a must watch.


  1. Big Hero 6

Released in 2014, Big Hero is one of the more popular 3D animated superhero films produced by Walt Disney Animations. What I find very fascinating about it, it is quite educational, therefore, along with children, an adult can also enjoy it. Characterization is so deep that when I watched it for the first time, I felt like I was one of the characters in this tragic, but inspiring story. Great story, amazing effects make it a great masterpiece from Disney.


5.The Book of Life

If you are fond of adventure comedy, don’t mis out on this wonderful 3D animated movie, produced by Reel FX Creative Studios. The movie is a beautiful epic folkloric tale of family and tradition. I would say it is a great movie that will make you think, laugh and cry.


  1. Sing

Directed and written by Garth Jennings, Sing is another favorite of mine and most little kids. It’s hard not to love because it’s got a bunch of really relatable personal story lines (albeit represented through animals) and the soundtrack is an awesome mix of new and old. Its Blu-ray 3D version was released on March 21, 2017. The story of ambitious Koala Buster who needs a hit show to save his elegant theater from foreclosure teaches you numerous life lessons. It appears to be the first animation movie on the talent-show format.



It’s hard not to like a film with Dwayne Johnson in it; it always brings a little humor into the story. Great characters and memorable music makes it one of the best 3D animated movies of the decade. It is the story of Polynesian island chief’s daughter who goes on a search to save her people. The movie offers a positive message of empowerment and self-discovery. The animation effects with the water are probably my favorite in this movie. It’s pure genius how the animators are able to give life to this fluid object.


8.The Grinch

The Grinch is a wonderful 3D animation movie that is based on Dr. Seuss’s book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” The movie was the perfect holiday fun for kids of all ages. Its animation is amazing and can make anyone fan of illumination flicks.


  1. Finding Nemo

Originally released in 2003, it was converted in 3D in 2012. If you love watching underwater adventure, this movie is surely going to hold your attention. Produced by Pixar Animation Studios, and directed by Andrew Stanton, Finding Nemo gives you flavor of adventure, comedy, and family drama all together. It is the tale of two fish – a father and his son – who got separated in the Great Barrier reef.


  1. Trolls

When you’ve got Justin Timberlake in charge of soundtrack selection and creating original scores for a movie, you know the music alone will be worth the watch. Really, the music and singing performances almost overshadow the animation…almost. The level of creativity in this animated movie has no limit – lots of bold color and inventive shapes. But what was really fascinating to me was the unconventional ‘materials’ used to create the characters and scenery. From glitter to felt, there was definitely a unique use of texturing happening in the animation that made it stand out from other animated films. Plus, it’s just a fun movie with a great cast.

These are my picks for top ten 3D animated movies to date. I’m sure there are others I left off that are worthy of mention, but these are my personal favorites. These movies have definitely pushed boundaries — they crack us up, scare us, move us and remind us every time how moving and fun it is to watch animated films – even more so when they are popping off the screen as they do in 3 dimensions.

So which one are you watching tonight?

7 Books Every Digital Animator Should Read

Animation is something that has alway intrigued me ever since my childhood and this desire escalated after watching movies like ‘The Incredibles’, ‘Inside Out’, ‘Snoopy’, and ‘Charlie Brown’. I really admire the art of animation these movies offered. What I noticed about them, is that they simply used timeless animation design and principles. Perhaps, this is the reason why these movies got so much appreciation from kids as well as adults.

I think everyone who wants to grow as a creative animator must know about the designs and principles of animation. There are some decade old books that talk about them. Even after a long time, these books are relevant and will remain standard for many years to come. Below are my personal favorites that helped me shape my career. I recommend them to all digital animators who want to enhance their creativity.


  1. The Illusion of Life by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston


This amazing book by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston speaks about the development of techniques by Disney. After the projects like ‘Nine Old Men’ and ‘12 principles’, the Disney studio has established itself as a pivotal figure in the animation industry.

In this book, you can notice the author’s great wealth of knowledge and experience in the animation field. What makes this book worth buying for animators is, it includes the principles of traditional animations along with a detailed history of the craft.


I personally think, ‘The Illusion of Life’ should be on every shelf.


  1. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

This book is an absolute must for anyone looking to build a career as a graphic animator. Written by Steven Pressfield, the book has inspired countless people across the globe. The book does not teach any particular skill, rather the author makes readers familiar with his struggles with writing. This non-fiction book is a must-read for animators who need the motivation to pursue their endeavors. It highlights the forms of resistance faced by artists and entrepreneurs trying to break through creative barriers.


  1. How to Make Animated Films by Tony White

This English animation veteran has worked with Richard Williams (a Canadian-British animator) on various cartoons, films, and commercials.

White is also one of the highly acknowledged teachers in the animation world who has taught thousands of animators across the globe. This book is an in-depth guide to the whole animation process. So, go get this book today if you want to build your career in animation.


  1. The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams

The Animator’s Survival Kit is one of the well-known books. If you have a little interest to work in the animation field, possibly you might have heard of this book. The book covers almost everything you should know about animation, ranging from the basics of spacing, timing, overlapping action, animal animation to stagger dialogue.

Williams is renowned for his artistic approach which he developed at London Studio. He is better known for directing the animation on “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. If you are looking for a detailed explanation of the fundamental principles of the animation, this book should be in your to-read list.


  1. Animation: From Script to Screen by Shamus Culhane

This award-winning animator worked with almost all the top animation studios. Culhane was one of the artists who got success in bringing the wealth of knowledge from the Golden Age of animation to his work.

This book will always have a special place in my heart as it means so much to me. It was the first book that I read on animation. And even after reading a number of books on animation, I still find it the best book to gain knowledge of animation production.


  1. Timing for Animation by Harold Whitaker and John Halas

This is an excellent book, especially for beginners. It introduces the concept of animation and how to use it properly in animation. It has various drawn examples ranging from weightlifters and dancers to bouncing ball. People looking for a complete guide on animation timing and spacing, should get themselves a copy of this book.


  1. Humans and Animals in Motion by Eadweard Muybridge

This list book is incomplete without mentioning this book. Muybridge is the person behind the invention of “Moving picture”. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that without Eadweard, we might not even have films. Before his invention, artists used to present horse running with one leg on the ground.

Muybridge had a different idea in his mind, he used a series of cameras to shoot horse running that made capturing the complete running of the horse possible. If you need a good reference for humans and animals in motion, this is still one of the best books available.


Building a Career in Animation?

Getting into an animation job or artistic career can be tough but it is a rewarding choice. If you are trying your luck getting into this job, I recommend reading these resources. These books are surely going to help you along in your creative journey to animation.



8 Surprising Industries That Use 3D Rendering to Deliver Products & Services

In a time where we wake up daily to meet with innovation, quite a lot of industries are erupting too. 3D rendering is not new per se. However, it is not precisely known to most people. This is a fast-rising industry you should check on; and just maybe before you renovate your vintage home or add new furniture to your new home, you should look out for companies that providing rendering services to see how your home will look like when you upgrade the interior. In no distance time, this technology will be one of the most sort-after techs.

3D Rendering: What is It?

This is not just a new expression of fine art as some people may see it; much more than a new way to fine art or 3D modeling, this technology is the mechanism powering many industries, allowing people to squint inner workings of systems of both natural and human-made works.

In this article, you’ll get to know about 3D rendering and how companies are utilizing the tech as part of their client service process. So, you’ve got popcorn? Toss it numerically into your mouth as you relax and read through his exciting article.

Which Industry Uses 3D Rendering?

Everyone knows that the real estate market is highly competitive; therefore, firms look to use this future technology to gain the maximum attention of their clients. This they do by presenting properties visually using specific tools so that the client can have a glimpse of the final product at the initial stage.

3D rendering is also an architect’s best friend; the technology is for architectures in general. With 3D rendering software, architectural company’s display how a home/project will look like after being furnished. That is, architects and designers, rely on 3D rendering tools to display their ability as professional creators to their clients. With this technology, architects show their capabilities and not just keep telling stories.

3D Rendering Tools/Software

In this recent times, hardly can any technology service will be rendered without the specific tools or software.For rendering, specifically, there are tons of tools available to use. However, below are the best tools used by top companies that provide the service.

• 3Delight
• Arion
• Arnold
• Aqsis
• Clarisse
• Corona
• Escape
• FelixRender
• Lumion

8 Surprising Industries That Use 3D Rendering to Deliver Products & Services

From a layman view, this technology is solely for companies/firms under home remodeling industries or simply something that has to deal with architects alone. Well, you may surprise to know that this technology is applicable in the entertainment industry, publishing industry, gaming industry, and even Geology and Science industry.

However, asides the architectural or home remodeling firms, other companies do not value the use of rendering as it does not affect their clients/customers base. But, in no distance time, this technology will be applicable in almost all sectors/industries due to the rapid innovations going on. Below are the surprising industries using this technology and it serves perfect for the purpose meant.

1. Gaming

Virtual reality is becoming mainstream, and it is related to 3D rendering tech. Gone are the days when games appear common, now, games are more realistic. Imagine yourself fighting with an alien using a VR gadget, and it seems like everything is happening in real life? That’s pure rendering.

Gaming companies or corporations tend to make every game action look so real; whether it is destroying aliens, shooting the gangsters on the streets or driving virtual automobiles at a very high speed (such that is higher than that of a “Real” automobile), all these were made with the 3D technology.

Not everyone will be surprised to see the gaming industry short-listed among the industries that use 3D rendering tech; nevertheless, most people don’t know the tech behind the games they play and Virtual Reality (VR). With 3D technology included in game development, all scenes and actions look real even without putting on a VR gadget.

2. Advertising and Marketing

Currently, some digital marketers and advertisers tend to use rendering to run campaigns to gain their audience approval and trust. Due to high competition, advertisers are rapidly switching to 3D animations, modeling, and even rendering to communicate their information clearly to their audiences and make their product or service shine out from the clique.

3D technology is beneficial for advertisers especially in this recent time when everyone needs a service provider to prove beyond doubt that he/she is better of another. With 3D rendering tools, advertisers can make a mere (common) product or service appear captivating by animating them. Also, since 3D is customizable, it allows marketers to tweak their services by remodeling them.

Nevertheless, in most cases, advertisers/marketers hire 3D modeling artists to help them out in depicting their products in an ideal state. So, companies can now render new cars, product packaging or even prototypes at dire savings.

3. Architectural Industries

Every professional architect uses 3D rendering tools to display their capabilities to their clients and to gain their approval upon a project/contract. Architectural firms that utilize this tech are quite so many(if not all).

Generally, everyone knows that construction projects attract high expenses and it is a reiterative process. Therefore, Architects tend to use 3D technology as a medium resourceful medium to showcase what you’ll get for your budget. For many eras now, renderers make real the plans and blueprints in a drawing; the translate/interpret building or structure plans/drawing more realistically; showing you the first “picture” of what drawing will be like when worked “brought out” or built.

Also, with the several innovations, we have experienced so far as regards rendering technologies, architects can now add motion, depth, and other features so that the client can see in a clear view all angles of a given structure, including the interior design/view.

It appears as if this technology is mainly for the architect industry. Nevertheless, the home remodeling industry utilizes this tech too.

4. Home Remodeling Industry

When you want to change your whole home furniture, look or design, it is apparent that you’ll head straight to a home remodeling company and place your demand. Currently, almost all remodeling companies make use of this technology because it is one of the most effective means to get a client’s approval.

With the help of some unique “high-tech” 3D rendering tools/software, many remodeling companies show their clients how their home will look after renovation. In America, most people who wish to renovate their homes watch HGTV shows as the satellite TV provider primarily broadcasts reality programming related to home improvement/remodeling and real estate. If you do follow the HGTV shows, certainly, at a point, you’d want to ask, “Which tools these guys use”? Well, there is a lot of professionals architect/designer there, and the make use of highly-expensive (premium) tools for Fixer Upper and Property Brothers shows.

Also, companies like specialists, go3dviz, and many other alike utilize this technology to showcase how a renovation will look like when it’s done.

This technology is even utilized for smaller residential projects like house painting services, where a painter can use a virtual paint color simulator software to show clients what various colors will look like on their home’s walls before they commit to any color permanently.

5. The Movie Industry

Yeah, also, the guys in the movie industry make use of rendering technology and like you’d guess, they use expensive tools to render. It is not new to us that the movie and media industry make use of 3D modeling. Even, the use it heavily. For every 3D model design, rendering is sure to come in place.

In the movie industry, rendering is used to show most anime movie trailers before the main launch of the movie. With the various advancements in technology, sometimes it is quite difficult to differentiate between rendered videos and real-life scene movies.

Just in almost the same way advertisers make use of 3d rendering to capture their audience interest, the guys in movie industries use rendering to capture more audience too.

6. Manufacturing And Product Design Industry

When a company produces new stuff, they tend to make the stuff to show their customers clearly view/insight to the new product. Good examples of manufacturing companies that utilize 3D rendering are automobile OEMs; once an automobile manufacturer launches a new engine, parts, or product whatsoever, they render the new product with 3D software for their customers to have clear insights about the new be a site.

7. Science Related Industries

Furthermore, scientists now release the results of their findings utilizing rendering technology. 3D modeling technology has now become a resourceful medium scientists use to clarify spectators about their discoveries. Also, other science-related companies make use of this technology.

8. Education

Surprised? Well, education has advanced a lot, especially in most developed cities. Now, students are being clarified about specific topics utilizing 3D technologies. It is evident that students who study about architecture or other related discipline learn and work with rendering software right in their classrooms.


3D rendering is a next-generation tech trend that will soon spread across all industries/sectors. Asides these industries, some individual also utilize various rendering technologies to gain the client’s approval for freelance projects.

Freelancers on Upwork and Fiverr provide clients with realistic video clips for specific services to get the client to order for their service(s).

Top Websites That Do 3D Animation Right

3D Animation Website Design

3D animation design is becoming a trend among webmasters; we now see modern websites incorporating 3D animations into their website design in order to make their audience/visitors engage more on the platform when they visit. While some people think or believe that adding animations to their current website design will slow down the loading time, you’ll be shocked to know that it doesn’t affect your site speed. However, there are bulky 3D effects capable of reducing your website load time, but, there are also some that are extremely light and load faster.

Here are some examples of websites that do animations right and the animations do not misinterpret the goal of the website.

Note: Now, there are tons of 3D animation themes available for CMS users (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal). So, you can easily design your blog, company/business website using compatible, light animation themes.Backend developers can also incorporate animations into a website design; however, this requires an experienced/vast developer.

Benefits of 3D animation design on websites

  • It helps to grab more of people’s attention
  • Adds more beauty to a website
  • It can improve users experience on a website
  • Websites with 3D animations design stand out among others
  • Visually interprets the purpose/goal of a website

10Examples of Websites That Do 3D Animation Right

1. 3magine

Website URL:

Industry: Web Design and Development

Once you visit the website, you get greeted with stunning animation effects. Actually, the website is for a Toronto-basedweb design & development agency. So, they guys working at this studio are trying to impress and prove its worth to the people visiting theirofficial website.

3magine works with various businesses, brands, and even startups to transform a client’s idea(s) into beautiful creations. Even with the 3D animation design, this website loads at a very fast speed; even faster than some websites without 3D effects.

The 3D effect(s) on the pages of the website tallies solemnly with the information which the webmaster wants to pass across to a visitor/client. Also, this website is very easy to navigate, plus, it is equally intuitive.


Website URL:

Industry: Digital Agency

At first, you may not seem to understand this website when you visit the homepage. However, the whole pages of this site are designed with outstanding animation effects. You will be greeted with a teardropanimation which you’re expected to click and hold on to. If you click and hold on to the teardrop, then, you’ll be greeted with so many other interesting visuals.

RESN is a platform that posts updates as regards to various projects. You’ll hear a soft soundtrack play on the background while the animations display. Upon all the effects and animations integrated into this website’s design, the loading speed is not affected.

The work of the team at RESN is to help people develop/design mind-blowing solutions/websites, 2D & 3D animated websites, and other creative services as regards to its industry. Over the years, RESN has won several awards due to its unmatched animated website design. get on to the website and feed your eye with some BLACK MAGIC effects.

3. Takumi Hasegawa

Website URL:

Industry: Web Design and Development

The homepage of this website loads surprisingly faster than many websites on the internet. However, it is designed with 3D animation effects which tell a quick, short story about the purpose of the website. TKMH is a personal website owned by Takumi Hasegawa who is a seasoned web developer and also a technical director. It is very easy to navigate on this website, yet, every page has a unique animation style featured as its background.

For people looking out for a professional developer to handle 3D website designs for them, visiting this website will give you some level of confidence that the designer can do a good job for you.

4. Clickable.Design

Website URL:

Industry: Web Design and Development

Here is another interesting website that is using 3D animation effects. You will be entertained with the captivating animation situated right on the homepage. Also, this website is quite intuitive and very easy to navigate. It is a Russian-owned website, therefore, the website loads on the Russian version on default. There are options to select “English” or “Arabic” version of the website if you do not understand Russian. is using 3D animations to impress their visitors the more and also portray the goal of the website. Clickable’s animation visualizes exactly how you can incorporate a full animated scene on a webpage while still managing your coherent design. The platform is all about website design and development; it boasts to have a reliable team of experts.

5. Ashley House

Website URL:

Industry: Printing services

Once you visit the website, you will be greeted with a quite interesting animation telling you to for some seconds while the website contents load completely. The animation showed to you will tell you what the site is all about. Also, when the site fully loads in a matter of seconds, Ashley House has an animated header.

When discussing websites with the right 3D animation, this is one to reckon on. The animation you’ll meet on this website narrates the company’s history & mission. It looks like a clip coming straight out of a children’s television anime film. So far, we have listed only I.T websites that do animations right, but, this is not an I.T related site, it is a printing service renderer.

6. Proud and Punch

Website URL:

Industry: Food and Nutrition

The guys at proud and punch try to impress their visitors the more using some interesting animations. Your cursor turns to an arrow once you visit the website and the animation designs are made totally with navigation on the site. As a website for food, meal, snacks, and other things alike, proud and punch loads its pages very fast.

Every page on this site is designed with an animation that tallies with the information on that specific page. The animations on Proud and Punch do not affect the site loading speed as it loads very fast, even faster than many other websites on the internet.

7. Audiograph

Website URL:

Industry: Music

This may not be your type of website and it is not really a website for everyone to visit. Actually, the platform uses a full musical wave animation to display a visual exploration of Pilotpriest’s 2016 Album Trans. You’ll be in awe looking at theaudio-visual animations as they constantly change to different gorgeous colorsaccompanying each track.

If you’re going to add animation elements to your new project, this is a website to check out. The web design is very simple even with the animation. So, the site loads very fast.Audiograph isn’t a typical website which is trying to use animation to tell a story about their platform.

8. MMW – Make Me Wow

Website URL:

Industry: Web design and development

You will actually feel like “wow” viewing this website. Once the website loads, you’ll be greeted with a beating eye. Also, the frequency of the heartbeat is shown in real-time with the website’s color changing according to the heartbeat frequency, reflectingthe mood of the Art Director behind Make Me Wow animation.

Make Me Wow Studio acts as a perfect example of how to animate with meaning. The animations on this platform portraythe real-timestate of the director’s mood. You’ll want to spend more time on this website due to the constant animation changes.

As a development agency, the animation shown on this website does not tell exactly what the company is all about. However, it proves to the website visitors that the guys at the “Back-End” could integrate real-time animation effects to website designs.

9. Cookie Studio

Website URL:

Industry: Multi-niche

The bright colors that welcome you when you visit the homepage are just not enough, just skip the intro and get in touch with some cute animations. However, you’ll have to move your mouse cursor to each module to play the animation. Until your mouse is placed on a module, no animations will show. Also, the animations incorporated into each module are made to tally with their essence.

If you’re planning towards creating a website with animation effect, such a site like Cookie Studios can give you some inspiration. Portioning animations in small or large modules as seen on Cookie Studio will be a nice way to keep your website design unique.

10. Future-living

Website URL:


Last on our list is Future-living. The website features quite an interesting animation on its homepage. When you click on the open spaces the website animates.


These are the few websites that do animation right. You can check out the various animation styles integrated on these websites and think about how to make your own. Also, adding 3D animation effects to your current website design will not affect your site loading speed. Even so, a narrative animation will increase engagement on a website.

Which Animated Film Takes More Work to Produce – 3D Computer Animation or Traditional Hand-Drawn Animation?

Comparing 3D computer animation vs. traditional artist hand-drawn animation in a layman understanding will put traditional animation on the forefront as the one which requires more work. But, what if it is the easiest? Well, not to conclude yet, read on to see which type of animation needs more time/work to produce.

However, let’s get to know about animations before explaining which is the best approach or method to achieve the desired result. Animation is simply the act of photographing/filming following drawings or models to create an illusion of movements when played on a device. Or, simply, an animation is controlling pictures or models to appear as moving images.

There are commonly two types of animation which experts use to get theirs/a client’s desire come alive in pictures or models. The two types of animation are computer animation and traditional or artist hand-drawn animation. Many people find it difficult to know which animation method is best for them to use and achieve what they want; therefore, they tend to engage graphic designers to help them out. Well, it may just be that what you need is a local artist rather than a graphics designer.

Whichever way, any animation method you use will deliver a stunning end-product if handled by an expert in the field.

Animated Films

Everyone living on this planet, earth, have watched or seen quite a lot of animated films, especially as a kid. Those animations took a long time to achieve. Generally, an animation film of about 60-90 seconds length may up to 6 weeks to create.

Nevertheless, in a time like “now” where many tools, platforms, etc. are available to hasten the time needed to create professional anime films, the actual time has taken mostly relies on the animation style which the creator chooses to use.

Simply, animated films do not cost much time and price. If you’re working on a plain background animation, you could use the whiteboard method to deliver a 5-minute long anime film in 48 hours maximum. Animated film completion time varies based on many considerations or factors per se. Below are the two most used animation methods creators utilize and how much time/staff they require for an effective job to be done.

Computer Animations

Popular referred to as 3D computer animation, this method of animation is done with a computer utilizing certain tools in the form of software (animation software). 3D animation is the most used method of recent because it shows more details and looks more premium.

3D animation is the process of creating three-dimensional moving images in a simulated visual environment. They are done using specific software apps/tools from various developers. Even so, there are online tools and offline tools for creating 3D animations.

However, for filming purposes, it can take a very long time when you use this method of animation. A basic, short animation clip (typically for a business advert) may not take up to 48 hours (2 days) to finish.

Nevertheless, if you’re making an intense animation scene(s) such as a fighting scene, a war scene, or other intensive scenes, then, it may take up to months to complete such a film, especially when the duration is lengthy.

How much labor/work is required to achieve an excellent 3D animated film?

Well, it all depends on the complexity of the work to be done. One person does some 3D animations. However, for complex tasks, a team of experienced persons is required. With the 3D method, it is easier to create any scene clearly than in traditional animated art.

For a standard animation film like the popular ones we know such as Kung Fu Panda or Frozen, then, about 50 animators need to be engaged as a team, and it may tantamount to years before the animation film would be completed.

However, a team of 20 persons can create a 15 minutes simple animated film in a couple of months; no exact number of months to be precise as it depends on how hardworking the team is.

Also, a single person can work on an animation project alone but it takes many years to complete just like Chris Jones anime movie. The more the animators involve the faster and easier the project becomes.

Tools for 3D Animations

There are quite tons of tools to make 3D animations on computers. These tools and software range from web-based to local downloadable tools. For bulky animations, most anime creators make use of PowToons, GoAnimate, Adobe animation creator, and other professional tools.
The truth is that every part of creating a 3D animated film requires a unique tool; there is no dedicated tool to start and complete a full 3D anime creation.

Processes 3D animations follow.

They are namely:
1. Briefing, Concept & Storyboards
2. Modeling
3. Adding textures
4. Rigging and Animation
5. Voice over
6. Striking
7. Angle view settings (camera angle settings)
8. Rendering
9. Editing and Final Output

Nevertheless, different creators/animators follow different processes to do their job. But, even if not serially as presented here, all these steps listed out must be followed for a 3D animation to be complete, attractive, and worth watching.

One of the benefits of 3D animations is that it appears in clear details, looks very real in the simulated environments. Let’s get to know more about traditional anime films to know which is best to practice. Although 3D is the cutting-edge method, the conventional method is still relevant and applicable; a good number of people still prefer that.

Traditional Animation

Unlike computer animation, in this method, the artist/animator has to sketch out and design each frame by hand drawing. This method is also referred to as hand-drawn animation or classic animation. Prior to the advent of 3D computer animation, this has been the only way to create animated films for over years, even, decades.

Traditional artist hand-drawn animations may require lots of expert staff to achieve excellent work. It is not like the 3D animation method that could be completed faster and easier using the right set of tools.

How much labor/work is required to achieve an excellent traditional animated film?

Since this is manually drawn, it requires that quite a lot of professional artists come together in order for a project to be executed as fast as possible. If a 90 mins animated film could be completed by 400 – 500 team members in 1 year using the 3D method, the same would traditional artists 3 – 4 years to complete with the same amount of staff (team). The due processes to follow while using this animation method to make a movie are quite numerous.

Nevertheless, this is an archaic animation method; a lot of people have dumped this method to practice 3D animation.

Techniques involved in traditional animations

1. Cels
2. Limited animation
3. Shooting on twos
4. Animation loops
5. Multiplane camera
6. Xerography
7. The APT process
8. Cel overlay
9. Computers and traditional animation
10. Rotoscoping
11. Live-action hybrids
12. Special effects animation
These techniques thus listed are the various methods through which you can achieve an excellent traditional animation. However, since the drawing will be manually done, all these techniques will still not affect the work duration.

Processes of making an anime film with the traditional method
Traditional animated arts go through similar stages like the 3D animation. Since the end product is an anime film, one should expect the process to be different. The only difference is that in this method, the artist/animator(s) draws the whole scenes, characters, etc. manually on sheets which takes quite a longer time than when you use a computer to draw.

1. Voice recording
2. Animatic
3. Design, timing, concept art
4. Layout
5. Animation
6. Pencil test
7. Backgrounds
8. Traditional ink-and-paint and camera
9. Digital ink and paint

Which animation method requires more staff and labor to complete a standard animated film?

Obviously, traditional animated arts/films take longer time and require more people to work on projects. 500 animators working on a certain project using 3D computer animation will finish much earlier than 500 animators using traditional artist hand-drawn animation method and are working on the same project.

It was because of the time wasted and stress required to complete anime films using traditional method led to the advent of 3D computer animation which is aimed to be more efficient, faster, and prevalent. Also, quite a lot of tools have been developed to fasten the processes and minimize the number of staff required to complete anime films using 3D animations.

The 3D method is virtually faster; even so, when handled by professionals, much staff/labor is not needed for an intriguing animated film to go live.


Animators earn pretty well, animated films gain more impressions these days. Also, companies and businesses choose to use animated films to run captivating adverts.

Now, if you are going to produce an animated film or run adverts with anime characters, 3D computer animation method is the best to use. There is also 2D animation, but it not rampant and does not in any way compare to 3D.

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