Expand Your Videography or Photography Business with a Photo Booth

As digital artists in the A/V and graphic field, we love what we do and work rarely feels like work. But the problem with being an “artist”, even if you’re a well paid one, is that there is essentially a cap to the amount of jobs you can take on because there is only one you.

And if you’re like me and the thought of managing a full team feels more overwhelming than opportunist, you’ve got to find other ways to expand your offerings if you want to smash the glass ceiling on your income potential.

Enter the Photo Booth

I know, I know – it goes against everything us digital artists should believe in when it comes to capturing critical, emotional moments in time. Photo booths are a product that (somewhat) can replace a photography or, in the case of slow mo types and boomerang features, a videographer.

Until it can’t.

A Photo Booth Doesn’t Replace You

So here’s my argument. A photo booth is never going to 100% replace the artist behind the camera because it can’t do photo journalism. It’s not able to detect those split second moments…the laugh, embrace or tear…that a true artist can capture behind a watchful lens.

So before we move forward, let’s just get that out of the way.

A Photo Booth Can Multiply Your Income…Without Taking Up Your Time

There are tons of photo booth companies like this one out there that have been able to increase overall revenue in the company without taking up their talent’s time or adding a lot of expense. Once you pay for the photo booth, the investment is done and the rest is minimal product costs, like photo strip prints.

And you can easily hire a low cost hourly employee to transport, set up and attend the photo booth at the event. This way, you are not personally trading your time for the income. You’re paying someone who costs a fraction of what you charge.

This is an easy way to add another 10%, 20%, even 50% of revenue to your bottom line with a minimal amount of your personal, precious time.

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