How Wedding Films Are Making Videography Better, Not Worse

As a tech-savvy child, I was always fascinated by animations, graphics, photography and videography. Attending a few weddings as a child, I was fascinated by the skill and focus of the videographers on hire. But as I grew up, I was surprised to learn that wedding videographers don’t seem to earn as much as true cinematographers in the filmmaking field.

Luckily for them, I think the industry’s tune is changing a bit. Maybe because the wedding video approach has changed too?

Today’s cinematographic videographers are making exciting wedding films rather than just recording bland wedding videos. They are using the latest, most advanced audio and video equipment to capture Hollywood quality videos with crisp audio.

With the advent of the tapeless, digital format, the young and upcoming videographers are pushing boundaries in all corners of the industry. Some of the popular forms, wedding couples are hiring videographer are Cinematic, Short Form, Documentary, and Storytelling that involves high-quality audios and videos.



This type of wedding videography style copies the filters, angles and transitions of movies. I love using this style combined with storytelling or short form. It is such a beautiful way to capture every emotion of a wedding day. Popular hallmarks of cinematic wedding videos are aerial shots, moving voice overs, using slow motion etc.


Short Form

This is another type of wedding videography styles, combined with one of the other four. This style has a short highlight video which is 3-5 minutes long. There are many videography companies that offer highlight video along with raw footage or full feature video of the wedding. This style focuses on three major segments- getting the ready, ceremony and the reception. It is easy to share with friends and acquaintances who are not able to attend your wedding. However, not all videographers work on this for form, so may sure to ask before you hire one.



This is another popular wedding videography style in trend. This style relies on voice-over audio in order to narrate the couple story and the wedding day. However, some videographers use music, text or maybe a combination of these to create a wedding video focused on their love story. When combined with cinematic wedding videography style, storytelling will engage everyone who watches it.



These styles of wedding videography may not as polished as cinematic videos. Videographers who are work in the wedding documentary prefer unplanned and raw moments of the wedding. When combined with storytelling, it can create a unique effect and make your documentary even more memorable.

When it comes to filming a wedding, videographers are bringing more creativity and thoughtfulness into their approach, which raises their value in the entire industry. Shooting an important, emotional and once-in-a-lifetime event can be the most stressful and difficult things to do, yet many filmmakers are tackling it with style, grace and ingenuity while raising the bar for this industry as a whole.


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