8 Surprising Industries That Use 3D Rendering to Deliver Products & Services

In a time where we wake up daily to meet with innovation, quite a lot of industries are erupting too. 3D rendering is not new per se. However, it is not precisely known to most people. This is a fast-rising industry you should check on; and just maybe before you renovate your vintage home or add new furniture to your new home, you should look out for companies that providing rendering services to see how your home will look like when you upgrade the interior. In no distance time, this technology will be one of the most sort-after techs.

3D Rendering: What is It?

This is not just a new expression of fine art as some people may see it; much more than a new way to fine art or 3D modeling, this technology is the mechanism powering many industries, allowing people to squint inner workings of systems of both natural and human-made works.

In this article, you’ll get to know about 3D rendering and how companies are utilizing the tech as part of their client service process. So, you’ve got popcorn? Toss it numerically into your mouth as you relax and read through his exciting article.

Which Industry Uses 3D Rendering?

Everyone knows that the real estate market is highly competitive; therefore, firms look to use this future technology to gain the maximum attention of their clients. This they do by presenting properties visually using specific tools so that the client can have a glimpse of the final product at the initial stage.

3D rendering is also an architect’s best friend; the technology is for architectures in general. With 3D rendering software, architectural company’s display how a home/project will look like after being furnished. That is, architects and designers, rely on 3D rendering tools to display their ability as professional creators to their clients. With this technology, architects show their capabilities and not just keep telling stories.

3D Rendering Tools/Software

In this recent times, hardly can any technology service will be rendered without the specific tools or software.For rendering, specifically, there are tons of tools available to use. However, below are the best tools used by top companies that provide the service.

• 3Delight
• Arion
• Arnold
• Aqsis
• Clarisse
• Corona
• Escape
• FelixRender
• Lumion

8 Surprising Industries That Use 3D Rendering to Deliver Products & Services

From a layman view, this technology is solely for companies/firms under home remodeling industries or simply something that has to deal with architects alone. Well, you may surprise to know that this technology is applicable in the entertainment industry, publishing industry, gaming industry, and even Geology and Science industry.

However, asides the architectural or home remodeling firms, other companies do not value the use of rendering as it does not affect their clients/customers base. But, in no distance time, this technology will be applicable in almost all sectors/industries due to the rapid innovations going on. Below are the surprising industries using this technology and it serves perfect for the purpose meant.

1. Gaming

Virtual reality is becoming mainstream, and it is related to 3D rendering tech. Gone are the days when games appear common, now, games are more realistic. Imagine yourself fighting with an alien using a VR gadget, and it seems like everything is happening in real life? That’s pure rendering.

Gaming companies or corporations tend to make every game action look so real; whether it is destroying aliens, shooting the gangsters on the streets or driving virtual automobiles at a very high speed (such that is higher than that of a “Real” automobile), all these were made with the 3D technology.

Not everyone will be surprised to see the gaming industry short-listed among the industries that use 3D rendering tech; nevertheless, most people don’t know the tech behind the games they play and Virtual Reality (VR). With 3D technology included in game development, all scenes and actions look real even without putting on a VR gadget.

2. Advertising and Marketing

Currently, some digital marketers and advertisers tend to use rendering to run campaigns to gain their audience approval and trust. Due to high competition, advertisers are rapidly switching to 3D animations, modeling, and even rendering to communicate their information clearly to their audiences and make their product or service shine out from the clique.

3D technology is beneficial for advertisers especially in this recent time when everyone needs a service provider to prove beyond doubt that he/she is better of another. With 3D rendering tools, advertisers can make a mere (common) product or service appear captivating by animating them. Also, since 3D is customizable, it allows marketers to tweak their services by remodeling them.

Nevertheless, in most cases, advertisers/marketers hire 3D modeling artists to help them out in depicting their products in an ideal state. So, companies can now render new cars, product packaging or even prototypes at dire savings.

3. Architectural Industries

Every professional architect uses 3D rendering tools to display their capabilities to their clients and to gain their approval upon a project/contract. Architectural firms that utilize this tech are quite so many(if not all).

Generally, everyone knows that construction projects attract high expenses and it is a reiterative process. Therefore, Architects tend to use 3D technology as a medium resourceful medium to showcase what you’ll get for your budget. For many eras now, renderers make real the plans and blueprints in a drawing; the translate/interpret building or structure plans/drawing more realistically; showing you the first “picture” of what drawing will be like when worked “brought out” or built.

Also, with the several innovations, we have experienced so far as regards rendering technologies, architects can now add motion, depth, and other features so that the client can see in a clear view all angles of a given structure, including the interior design/view.

It appears as if this technology is mainly for the architect industry. Nevertheless, the home remodeling industry utilizes this tech too.

4. Home Remodeling Industry

When you want to change your whole home furniture, look or design, it is apparent that you’ll head straight to a home remodeling company and place your demand. Currently, almost all remodeling companies make use of this technology because it is one of the most effective means to get a client’s approval.

With the help of some unique “high-tech” 3D rendering tools/software, many remodeling companies show their clients how their home will look after renovation. In America, most people who wish to renovate their homes watch HGTV shows as the satellite TV provider primarily broadcasts reality programming related to home improvement/remodeling and real estate. If you do follow the HGTV shows, certainly, at a point, you’d want to ask, “Which tools these guys use”? Well, there is a lot of professionals architect/designer there, and the make use of highly-expensive (premium) tools for Fixer Upper and Property Brothers shows.

Also, companies like specialists, go3dviz, and many other alike utilize this technology to showcase how a renovation will look like when it’s done.

This technology is even utilized for smaller residential projects like house painting services, where a painter can use a virtual paint color simulator software to show clients what various colors will look like on their home’s walls before they commit to any color permanently.

5. The Movie Industry

Yeah, also, the guys in the movie industry make use of rendering technology and like you’d guess, they use expensive tools to render. It is not new to us that the movie and media industry make use of 3D modeling. Even, the use it heavily. For every 3D model design, rendering is sure to come in place.

In the movie industry, rendering is used to show most anime movie trailers before the main launch of the movie. With the various advancements in technology, sometimes it is quite difficult to differentiate between rendered videos and real-life scene movies.

Just in almost the same way advertisers make use of 3d rendering to capture their audience interest, the guys in movie industries use rendering to capture more audience too.

6. Manufacturing And Product Design Industry

When a company produces new stuff, they tend to make the stuff to show their customers clearly view/insight to the new product. Good examples of manufacturing companies that utilize 3D rendering are automobile OEMs; once an automobile manufacturer launches a new engine, parts, or product whatsoever, they render the new product with 3D software for their customers to have clear insights about the new be a site.

7. Science Related Industries

Furthermore, scientists now release the results of their findings utilizing rendering technology. 3D modeling technology has now become a resourceful medium scientists use to clarify spectators about their discoveries. Also, other science-related companies make use of this technology.

8. Education

Surprised? Well, education has advanced a lot, especially in most developed cities. Now, students are being clarified about specific topics utilizing 3D technologies. It is evident that students who study about architecture or other related discipline learn and work with rendering software right in their classrooms.


3D rendering is a next-generation tech trend that will soon spread across all industries/sectors. Asides these industries, some individual also utilize various rendering technologies to gain the client’s approval for freelance projects.

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