These Are Some of The Most Fascinating Displays of Video Art

Although artists have created moving images since the early 20th century, the concept of ‘Video Art’ is from the 1960s. Video art is frequently viewed as impenetrable abstract and beyond the grasp of ordinary art-lovers. But if you have wanted a way into this strange and fanciful world, here are some of the most fascinating displays of the video art concept.


  1. Chicago Millennium Park Fountains

Featured in Chicago’s Millennium Park, Crown Fountain is one of the interactive works of public art and video sculpture. Located in the Loop, this artwork was designed by artist Jaume Plensa and executed by Krueck + Sexton Architects. This 50-foot video towers over smiling or staring tourists as they take pictures while children shriek standing under the water flowing from its pursed lips. This is one of its own kind of art that is worth visit – among many other reasons to see Chicago.

2. Christmas Video Window Projections

This is another fascinating display of video art, perfect for getting into the holiday spirit no matter what your local climate. This stunning LED projector casts amazingly clear videos onto windows that will amaze anyone. Pre-loaded with Christmas videos, you can display them vertically or horizontally to fit any door or window size. You can choose from different kinds of Christmas video and bring the spirit of Christmas to your home. Don’t be surprised if neighbors and passerby stop and linger in front of your house though…comes with the territory.

3. 3D Robotic Billboard in Time Square in New York City

Coca-Cola, the famous beverage brand, came up with the world’s first 3D Robotic billboard in Times Square. This 68-foot by 42-foot billboard consists of 1,760 moving LED screens. Each screen has a different advertisement on display that draws the attention of people who pass by the intersection. It’s so inventive, Guinness World Records awarded Coca-Cola two new records. One is for the first 3D robotic billboard, the other for the largest 3D robotic billboard.

4. 3D Mapping Projection at Dubai Mall

When Coca-Cola company Fanta launched a new campaign in Dubai, the world’s best and biggest Dubai mall wall transformed with a 3D Fanta projection which was deemed the ‘Fanta Chase.’ The main characters run from the kids chasing them for the last drop of Fanta drink.

5. Giant Billboard In London Knows A Lot About The Way People Drive And Feel

This giant and flashy billboard in the Piccadilly Circus of London is installed to target both pedestrians, drivers, and individual passersby. The digital LED billboard screen is 2,600 sq. feet in size and shows 6 ads, featuring 11 million pixels. The billboard has built-in cameras and serves pre-programmed ads for the person driving a vehicle. This billboard also determines the age group, gender, and emotions of pedestrians. According to the company, The Verge, it won’t collect any personal details of passersby.

As you can see, there is video art everywhere. No matter where in the world you call home, there’s sure to be a display of video art concept within traveling distance that’s a must-see if you love this art form.

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